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Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 5.0.4

  • Dezembro 3, 2014

Version released: 5.0.4
Date: December 4th, 2014

Update Type: Non-critical bug / issue fixes

This update contains fixes for a variety of issues listed out below that our buyers have reported to our Support Forums. It is our hope that with this release, Version 5.0.4, we’ve resolved all known issues and can begin our focus towards our next feature release, Version 5.1 (due early 2015). Read on to learn about what has changed in this version and what’s to come.


What’s New,  What’s Fixed

  1. Fixed design issues with the navigation in Safari 5.1.7 (Windows).
  2. Fixed issues with dividers in navigation overlapping in smaller screens.
  3. Fixed the issue with blog page template sidebars.
  4. Fixed the video controls issue in Internet Explorer not being clickable. لعبة القمار ورق
  5. Fixed the issue with Portfolio Tags / Archives now loading properly.
  6. Fixed the WP Debug issues with Walker scripts and Sidebar Generator.
  7. Fixed the issue so ‘Hide/Show’ text could be controlled via language files.
  8. Fixed the column width issues on page titles and conditional sidebars.
  9. Fixed styling of the descriptions in Galleria, SlideViewer and Fancybox.
  10. Fixed the issue with tab titles not allowing more than a single word. العاب ماكينات
  11. Fixed SEO concern with mobile logo alt tags, now showing website title.
  12. Fixed the issue with missing Portfolio Category titles.
  13. Made conditional the Meta Data (comments / dates) with blog posts.
  14. Removed Timthumb from the KingSize WordPress theme (depreciated).
  15. Updated the jQuery scripts from (outdated) 1.7.2 to using jQuery 2.1.1.

Version 5.0.4 Change Log

  • /404.php
  • /functions.php
  • /header.php
  • /loop.php
  • /page.php
  • /single.php
  • /single-portfolio.php
  • /style.php
  • /template-blog.php
  • /template-colorbox.php
  • /template-contact.php
  • /template-fancybox.php
  • /template-galleria.php
  • /template-prettyphoto.php
  • /template-slideviewer.php
  • /admin/functions/functions.options.php
  • /css/custom.css
  • /css/style.css
  • /js/custom.js
  • /js/custom.php
  • /lib/background_video.php
  • /lib/general.php
  • /lib/menu-walker.php
  • /lib/shortcodes.php
  • /lib/sidebar-generator/sidebar-generator.php
  • /lib/tinymce/tinymce.js

Version 5.0.4 New Files Added

  • /portfolio-list.php

Version 5.0.4 Old Files Removed

  • /cache/ (folder removed)
  • /timthumb.php (file removed)

Note: Timthumb has now become depreciated from within our theme. As of the release of version 5.0 we announced that within 60 days, we’d be removing Timthumb and no longer offering support for it. We strongly recommend you select from one of the two alternatives if you were previously using Timthumb. To change this, simply log into your WordPress Dashboard, locate “Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings” and you can change the Image Resizer scripts here (AquaResizer is default).

Important: Our updating the jQuery scripts may result in conflicts with existing plugins that may have previously worked. We cannot guarantee that all plugins will work with our theme, but those that are of popular request we’ll take into consideration and review. We do have a thread started in our Support Forums labeled “Supported Plugins: List your active plugins!” that we’d recommend checking out. Add the plugins that work for you, as well those that you’ve discovered conflict with our theme.

Reporting Bugs and/or Issues

We offer buyer support only on our self-hosted Support Forums:

When reporting a bug, or opening a new thread, we strongly encourage you to read our Post Guidelines. They’re there to benefit you and us while trying to assist you with your posted concerns. العاب ربح Knowing things such as “current version of the theme” and “WordPress version”, as well a “link to the issue page” as reference can help us, as well speed up our ability to resolve it.

We take bug / issue reports with a high priority and will do our absolute best to ensure that they’re resolved as quickly as possible.

We also ask you bear with us during new releases, as at times reports of issues can be higher than normal and require more time.

Features Coming in Version 5.1

There are a lot of plans in the making for the release of Version 5.1.

Between now and then, here’s a few things you can look forward to:

  1. We’re in the works of introducing full support to NextGEN.
  2. We’re adding a “Sortable / Filter” option for Portfolios / Galleries.
  3. We’re adding new social options to the navigation.
  4. We’ll be including “positioning” options for slider descriptions.
  5. We’ll be including new theme options to control font sizes.
  6. We’ll be including new layouts for the Blog with bonus features.
  7. We’ll be including support for the popular “Visual Composer”.
  8. We’ll be introducing “Ecommerce” options with WooCommerce.
  9. We’ll be including conditional options to enable Breadcrumbs.
  10. We’ll be including a new conditional “Back to Top” feature.

Those are just a few of the new features being considered for version 5.1.

We can’t guarantee which features at the moment will be included, or when exactly they will be released, but our focus now is to improve usability by adding new features and options.

Also take note that introducing a complete new series of Video Tutorials soon.

That being said, if you’ve any questions please do not hesitate to use our forums.

Need Help Installing The Theme or Updates?

We offer an Install / Update service for $35.00. It includes a 24 hour turnaround.

If you’re interested in this service, you can contact us privately to inquire on this.